Lawyer refutes social media 'bashers' attacks on friend of Paighton Houston

By ABC 33/40 Staff

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. (WBMA) - As the family of Paighton Houston prepares to say goodbye to their loved one, the investigation into her death remains shrouded in secrecy. The Jefferson County Sheriff's office has taken over the investigation after her body was found in a shallow grave in Hueytown. The coroner is awaiting toxicology information before determining a cause of death.

ABC3340 News contacted the spokesperson for the Jefferson County Sheriff's office Thursday who told us there was no new information to release.

Social media discussion groups about the case have debated multiple theories with some alleging Paighton's friends and co-workers had something to do with her disappearance.

ABC3340 News reached out to lawyer Tommy Spina who is helping one of those individuals for comment:

"Grace has been exceptionally cooperative with law enforcements‘ multiple agencies, that have been involved in the investigation of this case and has told them everything she remembers from that night. She is a witness and nothing more and I have been assured by law enforcement that there is not one “scintilla of evidence“ connecting Grace to any crime being investigated.

She is a very young lady, who's father asked me to help the family and Grace navigate the process with her. I have been involved solely to facilitate the communication between Grace and law enforcement. When you are in your 20s and lose a good friend under these circumstances it is incredibly anxiety producing and unnerving. It's a shame that some social media “ bashers” have elected to paint her as complicit in some way. Comments along those lines are not only untrue and baseless but are hurtful to Grace , who lost a dear friend in this process, and insensitive to Paightons family and Grace and need to stop.

We should all come together to support the family and friends of Paighton to assist them in getting through this terribly tragic loss"

-- Tommy Spina

Houston's funeral will be held Friday at 11:00 AM at Clearbranch United Methodist Church in Trussville. Visitation will be held Thursday evening at the church.

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